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Man on the phone
A very good friend called me a few days ago.

Without any remorse told me:

"I want to sell my home on my own, I don't want to pay 3% just for listing the property. Would you help me?"  

First I was upset.   "You just want me to teach you so you don't pay my commission?" - I thought.

But after thinking a bit I replied: - "I think I have an option for you."

I decided to charge him just a small fee to cover my costs and a small profit. I would just list and he would do the work.

Of course, as he was progressing he continued calling me.

It was my friend.  I couldn't just hang up on him or tell him: 

-"You are not paying for this, this is why we charge commissions"

What did I do?

I put together the Smart Home Sellers Program.

All his questions and many others I receive from sellers on my boutique real estate practice.

All laid out on a simple step by step proprietary process designed to deliver consistent results over the time.
  • THE Principles: Not everyone can do it alone, many will require a Real Estate Professional.  But not YOU. This program is designed for smart sellers that get informed, listen but also take risks and are not afraid to participate in a community of like minded sellers if that means save money.
  • THE Program: A proven system to sell  and save thousands in commissions.  Includes a book,  How to negotiate an offer, financing options and communication tools.
  • THE Community: Access to a closed Facebook Group where likeminded smart sellers are asking questions and sharing success stories.
  •  THE Engine (Optional): Professional tools at your reach. 
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Our service is available in Miami  Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach Counties at the moment. 

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Real estate agents wil tell you all sort of lies. See Spencer's comments on one of my posts:
FTL(Frequently told lies) 
LIE 1: You Will Not Save Money
TRUTH: If you are smart you will save.  
Be wary of cash vultures that will try to lowball you. 
Make sure to read the training on negotiating offers.
LIE 2: You Will Not Sell on Your Own
TRUTH: With smart marketing and active involvement you can sell your house.  There are no secrets.  
LIE 3: You Are Obligated to use a Realtor
TRUTH: With some work, a good real estate attorney and I title company you will be able to sell your home.  With our program you get access to our trusted pool of Title Companies, Real Estate Attorneys, Home Inspectors, Mortgage Brokers.
"It's hard for a person to gain my trust, but you managed to ... you are extremely knowledgeable and were able to negotiate a more than fair deal  (negotiating for more when I was ready to settle for less. )

- Robin S. Davie
What did you like the best about our service? "The ease of the process ."

- Diane D. Davie
Here you can calculate your savings using our program.  Just move the slider to match your expected sales price and you will se instantly how much you will save.
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